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   Responible  A.P.B.T. Owners
Go Heavy or Go Home!.......
Pups available from breedings listed under "puppys" icon within next two weeks,  "Clohie"+"Zillla" pups all purchased. Soon as listed litters due are born, we will have pics, availability listed. If interested in certain Litter let us know to make arrangement,
                                  A.D.B.A.   A.P.B.T
               306 Essex St. Lynn Mass.               781-592-8647 - 1-978-332-4831           open Mon - Sat. 10am -6pm 
Creed / Wise /Tonka / Red Devil
           25 to 35 Lbs..
Jeep /Lono/Eddington/Crenshaw
40 to 60 Lbs.
Newman /B ighead/Carver   Barretts/Freeman   
75 to 105 Lbs.
" Don't Blame em"
" There are no bad dogs! "Just  Bad owners,
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The Legacy continues
   Barretts" DogZilla" A.K.A.  Zillla
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Breed preservation,                Not Discrimination
Lee Barrett
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Barretts Bullpen, 40   Years   Promoting Breed Preservation                     "Punish the Deed, Not The Breed"/A.D.B.A, A.P.B.T. 
Barretts "Sage" 4 years, 80lbs  Barretts/Newman/Bighead
Barretts "Bosco"
Barretts "Boston Bruin"
Barretts "Sweetie"
Some Of The Custom Leather In Stock
Barretts "Lowkey"
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  R.I.P. Louis B. Colby
                  Barretts"Loki"    Tonka/Creed/Wise/Barretts
Barretts "Clohie" Jeep/Crenshaw
7 Generation Pedigrees on site, all dogsA.D.B.A.    Registered, all pups have vet health certificate first shots/wormer and papers. All Info under "puppys" Icon 
    So dont blame them, Train Em
Established 1975
Barretts "Envy"
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              Pups Available!!                                "Payton"            "Chubs"       
All info, Peds/Pics under "Puppys" Icon
 Loyal Bones Pitbulls